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5 Reasons Why I Love the CW Despite Them Canceling Veronica Mars Way Back When

July 5, 2013

When the CW canceled Veronica Mars back in 2007, I was heartbroken. Livid. Confused. Betrayed. I officially broke up with the CW when they replaced VMars with that show to find the next Pussycat Dolls member. I moved on, though, and fell in love with ABCFamily, ABC, and SyFy. But a couple years ago, something happened.

I got back together with the CW.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t have gone back, not after what they did to me with Veronica Mars, but they started developing Alloy Entertainment properties and I was hooked. Obsessed, even. The network began to get its own footing and now is filled with shows that seem like they were created just for me. Oh, CW, how you make me swoon.

So, with the Fall season approaching, I thought it’d be fun to list some reasons why I love the CW. I’m not kidding when I say it’s pretty much the only channel I watch now, haha.

1. The Vampire Diaries: While the show suffers from inconsistent mythologies and poor character development *coughDamoncough*, it’s still a juicy, dramatic, thrilling show with awesome villains. Katherine is deliciously evil and Klaus is, well, simply delicious. That accent! Anyway, much like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the show combines real life problems with the supernatural in an exciting, relatable manner. Though, I’m still waiting for a gay/lesbian character to show up.
2. Gossip Girl: There’s no denying Gossip Girl was a glamorous show. The fashion, setting, and characters all oozed glitz and seduction. The CW scored huge with this one and tapped into the teen audience they had failed to catch in the beginning. Also, Georgina was awesome and expertly played by Michelle Trachtenberg.
3. Stephen Amell. Enough said. (The CW is pretty savvy with Arrow. They cater to those who love superhero adaptations and to those of us who also enjoy hot shirtless guys. Well played, CW.)
4. Hart of Dixie: This charming show balances well with the network’s darker shows and has the same allure as Gilmore Girls did. The dialogue may not be as sharp as the latter, but you can’t help but enjoy watching this show. And Wilson Bethel.
5. The CW keeps things fresh. Their Fall schedule shows a lot of promise and while most of the upcoming shows fall into the sic-fi/fantasy category, they all seem original enough to not only stand apart from each other, but also from possible competitors. And yet the network is smart and knows which elements their audiences love and are still catering to our needs. I’m most excited for The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed. Keep up the good work, CW!*Though, I will say that I’m disappointed The Selection was not picked up.

Are you as obsessed with the CW as I am? Which shows are your favorite and which ones are you looking forward to seeing?
Can’t wait for #AmellWednesdays! Man, that family is good looking.

Sure, it seems like a copycat of Roswell, but I loved Roswell, so I don’t care.
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    Valen Steel
    July 6, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    I think you forgot murderous, distraught and damn right pissed in concerns to the cancellation of dear olde Veronica Mars ha! 😉 So glad the film comes out next year! VD is fantastic and Arrow is good fun.. Excited for the Originals!


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