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            CONTACT US
            Add: No. 7 Huijing Road, Huangjindui Industrial Park, Shanggao County, Jiangxi Province, China

            Located in Shanggao County Industrial Park of Jiangxi province, Jiangxi Ruiya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is focusing on manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical intermediates and other fine chemicals. On production site, the land area is 23,000sqm and the building area is 12,000sqm. 
            We have established close cooperation with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC), and Fudan University for new products development. There are leading equipment and facilities in our R&D center and Analysis center, including all kinds of enamel reactors (500to 5,000 liters), HPLC, HPGC, melting point apparatus, polarimeter, ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer, etc.

            Jiangxi Ruiya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. aims for getting the coordinated development between economy and environment. Taking "Keep improvement, make innovations continuously; excellent quality, satisfy customers" as quality policy, we have successfully certificated with ISO9000 quality system. Now, all our products are being manufactured under the regulations of ISO9000 quality system strictly. Adopting well-established manufacturing procedures and methods and related QC system, we are striving to offer customers qualified products. At present, Ruiya receives a high reputation among customers all over the world for excellent service and qualified products; we have become the major supplier of these companies and enterprises. 

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