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Review: Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia

May 29, 2010

After waiting what seemed like an eternity, my copy of Jennifer Murgia’s Angel Star finally arrived and I couldn’t have been happier. Angel Star had been on my radar for some time and I had high hopes for it since it’s published through Lands Atlantic Publishing, the same publisher that published Shelena Shorts’, The Pace. I just finished Angel Star and I’m ecstatic to report that my hopes were fulfilled and exceeded.

First off, Jennifer Murgia’s writing is fluid and all around great. She has an incredible sense of detail that allowed me to see the story and its characters very clearly in my mind. With Teagan, Ms. Murgia has created a wonderful narrator who has an authentic voice and is a character I can relate to. Thanks to Ms. Murgia’s talent for characterization, the other characters are well-rounded and believable as well, even the supporting ones.

My favorite part of the novel is Teagan and Garreth’s relationship. No surprise there, right? Their relationship unfolds quickly, but because of their strong connection, it was never unconvincing. There’s this one scene where Garreth blocks Teagan from the mean girl’s view and it’s so subtle, but so sweet.

In addition to her great writing, Jennifer Murgia deserves a huge round of applause for her angel mythology. It stands out amongst the other angel-related books I’ve read and I love how thorough her mythology seems. I can only imagine how much work went into perfecting it and I can’t wait to read more about it in Angel Star’s sequel, Lemniscate.

Although Teagan and Garreth’s relationship and the angel mythology are major parts of the novel, they’re not the only aspects that stand out. There’s also a nice amount of action and an ending that will leave readers craving for more!

Overall, I loved reading Angel Star and I hope others do too. It’s a strong debut from a very talented author and I hope my does the novel justice. Angel Star is currently available and if you’d like more information on the novel itself and Jennifer Murgia, please visit the following websites:

Jennifer Murgia’s Official Website
Jennifer Murgia’s Twitter

(cover image taken from Jennifer Murgia’s website)

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