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Author Advice: The Art of Effective Communication

October 10, 2013
As many of you know, I’m both an author and a blogger. I love helping out fellow writers in spreading the word about their upcoming releases and I especially enjoy recommending and discussing books I’ve recently read and loved. This means I receive a fair amount of requests to participate in cover reveals, blog tours, etc… The problem is most of these requests get deleted right away for poor execution. So, today I’d like to share some tips for authors, publicists, and author assistants who actively reach out to bloggers. And if you have tips of your own, please share them in the comments!
1. Personalize your message. A simple “Dear DJ” goes a long way with me and I love it when the greeting is followed by a short, yet personalized explanation as to why the person has reached out to me. I almost always delete messages that fail to respectfully greet me. This may seem harsh, but I don’t appreciate being told to sign up for an author’s blog tour or something without an explanation. Now, I know a lot of publicists and authors use form messages. This is fine, as long as they, too, are well written and show some sort of personalization. Again, a simple “Dear NAME” greeting can make a difference.

2. Send your message in a timely manner. I receive a lot of requests that don’t allow me sufficient time to check my schedule and think over the request. In particular, many publicists often send out cover reveal emails the night before the reveal. A lot of bloggers like to write schedule their posts ahead of time, so sending requests at the last minute is, in my opinion, rude.

3. Do your research. Take a few minutes to research who you’re messaging and what they do. For example, a quick look through my site will show that I predominately discuss young adult literature with strong romantic elements, music, and movies/television. So, you probably shouldn’t be emailing me about your memoir or guide to bird watching.

4. Attachments. If you’ve been asked to send a file as an attachment, send it as an attachment. If the blogger hasn’t specified how to send it, ask. Also, name the files with clear and easily identifiable names.

 Good: DJ DeSmyter Author Photo.jpg
Bad: Photo1493.jpg
5. Do not assume your recipient wants to be added to your email list. This one especially goes for email lists where you send out updates on your personal life. I once worked with an author who then proceeded to include me in a newsletter chain where they shared beauty tips and how they were running out of money because their book wasn’t selling well. Do I still work with this author? Nope.
If you have a legitimate newsletter for your readers or are a publicist who sends out regular requests, simply ask the blogger you’re working with if they’d like to be included in your email list. Easy peasy.
Alrighty. That’s all I have for today, but please share any tips you have in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think!

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