Author Interview: Angie Frazier

June 3, 2010

Angie Frazier is the author of Everlasting, an exciting historical-fiction/romance/fantasy novel. I’d like to thank Ms. Frazier for taking the time to answer these questions and I hope everyone enjoys reading her answers. Everlasting, her debut novel, is available now and don’t forget to keep your eye out for The Midnight Tunnel: A Suzanna Snow Mystery!

Who or what inspired you to be a writer?

Books have always been my greatest inspiration. I love to read, and have always loved books. Not just for the stories they tell, but the actual, physical books themselves—they are part of the décor in my home! The first book I read that made me want to write children’s literature was Natalie Babbit’s Eyes of the Amaryllis. I was hooked!

What’s the hardest part about being a writer? The easiest?

The hardest part: always wanting to be a better writer, even when you grow with every book you write. Or, having a mind-blowing idea, and not being sure you can pull it off.

The easiest part: daydreaming when a book idea strikes!

As an author, what do you wish to accomplish?

It’s along the same lines as my answer to what the hardest part about writing is: to always improve and grow as a writer with every new project. I want to keep trying new things, too, so that I never get bored or stagnant with my writing.

What inspired you to write Everlasting?

When I started writing this book, I had just graduated from college and I was desperate to write something fictional. I was also renting a cottage with vintage travel posters on the ceilings, many for places in Australia. The posters kick-started my imagination, and it all took off from there.

What was the writing process like for it?

It was VERY long. Over six years of writing, revising, historical research, taking breaks from it, submitting it, getting rejection after rejection… But I learned a great deal during the length of time it took for me to write Everlasting!

What can readers expect to see in your 2011 release, Suzanna Snow and the Mystery of the Midnight Tunnel?

Well, first off it has a new title! The Midnight Tunnel: A Suzanna Snow Mystery, which I love because it sets up a series quite nicely! It’s a middle grade series, and this first mystery involves a disappearance at the grand hotel Suzanna’s parents manage every summer in New Brunswick, Canada along the Bay of Fundy. I loved writing Zanna’s story—her character is so fun and sharp and witty, and she came to me very easily. I hope others enjoy her as much as I do.

Is there anything you can’t write without?

It used to be that I couldn’t write without total silence. Now that there are deadlines to meet, I have adjusted and can even write with the kids running around and screaming! But I do need either a cup of tea or coffee or water—something to sip when I get stuck on a sentence and need to pause and think.

What does it feel like to be a published author?

It’s the most tremendous feeling ever. Becoming a published author has always been one of my main goals (the other one was to become a mother someday). Well, I’ve done the mother thing (twice!) and now that I’ve achieved my second goal too, I feel truly blessed and lucky.

What are some things your readers may not know about you?

Let’s see, what secrets could I divulge? Hmmm… I have a fear of electric sewing machines. I am coveting a Jane Austen action figure. And I am attempting to build two towers of books on my desk that reach my dining room ceiling. So far I’m halfway to the ceiling and no one is allowed to shake or bump into my desk. 🙂

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