Author Interview: J.J. Westendarp

December 16, 2010

J.J. Westendarp is the author of the recently released e-book, Spiral X. The book is now available in e-book form and has been receiving great reviews! Any Buffy fans out there? If so, I hear this book is for you! I really need to get an e-reader so I can read it because it truly does sound like an engaging and action-packed read. I hope you all enjoy the interview!

Who or what inspired you to be a writer?

I don’t think there was so much an inspiration, but a realization that I had stories in me that I wanted to tell. From there it simply grew into a desire for people to read the stories.

What inspired the idea for Spiral X?

Spiral X started off as fan fiction which combined the worlds of Buffy and Blade. The focus was always on a real world problem, drugs, but with a vampire twist so that was easy to translate into my own setting. Towards the end of writing it, I drew inspiration from the fact that it wasn’t paranormal romance, but was straight up paranormal action, which is different from what many novels with vampires contain these days.

Why do you think readers love stories with a paranormal twist?

I actually lampshade this in a conversation between two characters, where they talk about how normal people (in the world of the book) have a hard time accepting vampires as existing, and would generally accept even the most ridiculous of explanations as an alternative, but when it came to entertainment, movies and books and the like, people couldn’t get enough of them. I think it’s a variation on many childhood fantasies, where we believe fairies and dragons exist, except now we’re grown up and want something a little more horrifying and sexy.

Your main character, Cheryl Erickson, seems to be a strong female lead. What do you think is important in making such a character?

I think the most important thing in making a strong character is being able to define their values and beliefs in a very real way that the readers can connect with. Not only that, but you have to have them perform actions which reinforce those values and beliefs.

What was your writing process like for Spiral X?

It was a mess. I actually figured out my process through the writing of Spiral X, which I will be using from here on out. Let’s just say I used to write by the seat of my pants and have discovered the value of a good outline to guide my actions.

Do you plan on making the book part of a series?

A series is a definite. I have about four books quasi set up in my head, plus at least two more which don’t focus on Cheryl, so this is a world I will be visiting frequently.

How does it feel to have your book published? As an aspiring author I can only imagine how excited you are. 🙂

It’s liberating. I had so many anxious moments leading up to seeing it at Amazon that it was a relief to finally have it up for people to buy and read.

Where do you hope your writing takes you?

Oprah’s Book Club. No? I just hope it takes me further down the rabbit hole and into a life where I can entertain people through the power of the written word.

What are three to five things your readers may not know about you?

That are interesting? Probably not. I live a fairly routine and boring life, which might explain why I seek to create unique and interesting worlds for people to read about.

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