Author Interview: J.M. Array

March 14, 2011
The major thing I love about Twitter is that every day I have a new follower and more often than not, a new follower is an author. I’ve come into contact with so many lovely new authors and it’s great to expand my authorly circle. One of these fresh faces is J.M. Array, who just published his first novella in e-book form. His novella is called Two Lives…One Diary and here is the description:

Robert has never had a dream before. On his 18th birthday everything changes and he starts to dream. Because this is an unusual experience for him, he decides to start a dream-diary. Soon after that, he realizes that his dreams are directly connected to his real life. Suddenly, he finds himself living two lives…yet he only has one simple diary. (taken from J.M. Array’s blog)

I am thrilled to present an interview with Mr. Array and I hope you all enjoy his answers, as well as check out his new novella. 🙂

Who or what inspired you to write?

You know it is funny, I used to hate authors. I think school does that to you. You have to read stuff you don’t want to read and you just think to yourself “why would this people spend their lives writing? It seems so boring”. So for some reason, along the years, I changed my perception. What or who made me change? I am not entirely sure. But I think it was because I come up with crazy ideas all the time, and one day I just said “why not just make a movie out of this? It would be awesome” but of course doing that is hard. So I decided to write a book instead, in the hopes that some crazy producer reads it and options it. Here is to hoping.

How did you come up with the idea for Two Lives…One Diary? It’s such a unique premise.

Well the main idea behind it all was actually given to me by my grandmother. By the time I had written another novella and she loved my style of writing and she said she had that idea for a long time. She had always wanted to write it and develop it but had never been able to do so. So she decided to trust me with it.

The idea she gave me though was pretty basic though, and it was based on what she does in her real life. See, whenever she has a bad experience, she pictures how that bad experience would be better and different in this world of hers, and she would imagine the whole thing. She explained to me how this world of hers is, more or less, and I adapted it to my own style and how I actually see that world myself. It goes without saying…that she loved it more than what she expected.

What was the writing process like?

I really love it. I mean yeah, it takes a lot of hard work really does. Sometimes you get stuck and don’t know how to go from there, but when the words are just flowing, it is just amazing. It really is. Sometimes the words would just seem to write themselves, I felt like I was channeling the whole thing. I loved it and I will definitely repeat it.

Why do you prefer writing in first person?

I actually like both styles (third and first person) but I believe this one would be better in first person because of the topic itself. This guy that hasn’t dreamed before and how he slowly starts to discover this dream world of his. So basically it gives readers the idea of what the character is going through. It is easier to evoke that feeling of uncertainty and most of all, I believe it connects the audience a lot more with the character.

Why do you think YA literature appeals to such a wide range of readers?

You know I am not sure. I think the name itself is miss-leading sometimes. People think Young Adult and they think that only teenagers and twenty-something people will like it. But like you say, it actually appeals to a wide range of readers for some reason. I think the main one is because of its simplicity. Sometimes we just want to read something that is just entertaining and flows quite easily. Another reason is because no matter how old we are, we always have a child within us. And perhaps this is the way some people connect to their inner-child.

Where do you hope your writing takes you?

Hopefully I can do it full-time. My main wish, like I stated, is to be able to get one of my books made into a movie. Seeing something that I imagined, in the big screen, must be just jaw-dropping. Hopefully if I do get there, I will also be able to help others achieve their goals as writers as well.

You’re also studying computer science. What kinds of jobs will you do in the future with that knowledge?

It is a weird mix isn’t it? Computer science and writer. I guess you never know. Right now one of my dreams career wise with Computer Science is to work at Google or Microsoft. Those are my dream companies. I have quite a few technological ideas that I wish to implement and they seem like the best companies to do so. But we shall see :).

What are you going to work on next?
Right now I am going to edit my first novella. The one I mentioned before. It is a time traveling sci-fi. I started reading it again and I couldn’t believe I had actually written that, cause I actually loved it. It was a good feeling. But I wrote that when I was 15 (finished it when I was 16) so it definitely needs some work and hopefully I can make it a little bit longer and more polished. From there, I am already thinking on the sequel for that one. So perhaps I can pull off a trilogy from that one.

What are three to five things your readers may not know about you?

That’s a good question…lets see: 1) My primary language is Spanish 2) I love time traveling, if a book/movie is related to time traveling, chances are I will love it (except for The Time Machine movie…go figure) 3) Back to the Future is my favorite trilogy 4) I believe the Matrix could be a possibility 5) I strongly believe in The Secret

To learn more about J.M. Array and his writing, please visit his:

Official Blog

To purchase his e-book novella, Two Lives…One Diary, it can be found here:


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    March 16, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Hi DJ, I’m having J.M. on my blog with a guest post and I was perusing his blog when I saw he was on here.
    It’s great that you give new authors a chance too and this was a great interview! I’ll link to you in the post so people can learn a bit more about him.

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    Ariel L
    March 17, 2011 at 1:30 am

    Sounds like a cool book and a cool upcoming author, I’m gonna have to check out his new novella!! Thanks for posting about new authors!

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    March 19, 2011 at 3:19 am

    Hey Ariel, thanks a lot for your comments. If you do buy it, if you haven’t done so already, please feel free to let me know what you think!

    JM Array

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