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Review: DOROTHY MUST DIE by Danielle Paige

April 3, 2014
Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die is a deliciously grim and exciting story that breathes new life into the Wizard of Oz. The fact that it’s a Full Fathom Five property is unsettling and may deter some from reading it, but Paige demonstrates skill as a storyteller, one who can – and will – undoubtedly succeed on her own.
Drawing on both the iconic Judy Garland film and L. Frank Baum’s original books, Paige reinvents the Ozian characters we’ve come to love, and does so in rather violent lights, making them – and the plot – all the more complex and engaging. Amy is a wonderful heroine with enough attitude and innocence to make her likable and entertaining.

Overall, Dorothy Must Die is an intriguing read. And although the pacing slows down in the middle, readers will easily devour this surprising and twisted tale with fervor, and be left wanting more.
EDIT: Please note this post was edited to fix some grammatical and phrasing issues. 

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