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Review: THE NIGHT HAS CLAWS by Kat Kruger

April 21, 2014
The Night Has Claws is a bold and sleek sequel that packs a powerful punch. Kat Kruger’s writing has grown even stronger since the first book and she demonstrates impressive skill through lively settings, intense action, and intricate plot points. The werewolf politics further showcase Kruger’s thoughtful and complex world, which she successfully expands in this installment.
This time around, both Connor and Madison narrate the story. While Madison is still a bit unlikable, both narratives provide strong voices with unique perspectives. One highlight of the book is the evolution of Connor and Arden’s relationship, and how their roles have somewhat switched. Each character plays an important role in the overall story and act like enticing puzzle pieces to the grand picture.
With a European setting that comes to life, evolving characters, and a finely tuned plot, The Night Has Claws is a must-read and succeeds in ways most sequels do not. If you’re not hooked on this series yet, what are you waiting for?

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