Bookish Chat: Disliking a Book Before Loving It

July 19, 2013
Have you ever read a book and thought, “Huh. Well, that certainly isn’t getting a five star rating from me” and then loving it a few days, or even a month later?
There have been quite a few books that I didn’t like after finishing them, but the more I thought about their stories, characters, and writing, I found myself loving them. Some examples are Cold Kiss and Divergent. When I originally read and, in some cases, reviewed these and a couple other titles, I was disappointed and sad they didn’t live up to my expectations. But the problem with expectations is they tend to be unrealistically high, resulting in inevitable disappointment. In these cases, the hopes are so exaggerated that there’s bound to be something that rubs us the wrong way.
At first, I might say a book “misses the mark, but I think it’s me who misses it sometimes. Part of the problem is that I struggle with shutting out all the buzz and hype, which often taint my reading of a story. I’ve put off reading The Fault in Our Stars for this reason and am waiting until the buzz dies down a bit so I can have a clearer, more personal reading. I’ve found that distancing myself from a book before forming my opinion is crucial in allowing me to view the story in a different and clearer light. I catch things I didn’t notice before, things I love, and maybe that plot twist wasn’t so bad after all. Even with books I love from start to finish I’ll mull things over for a day or two before writing down my thoughts about it.
Alright, readers, now it’s your turn: in the comments let me know which books you’ve disliked before loving and how you deal with expectations!

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