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Goodbye, Twilight Part II

November 15, 2012

For five years, I have immersed myself in all things Twilight. I have watched Kristen, Rob, Taylor, and the other amazing cast members bring my favorite series to life and, while none of the movies are perfect, I have loved each one. I have met some wonderful people and have had interesting conversations with fellow fans and even non-fans. I have grown as a person. I have grown…

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Goodbye, Twilight Part I

November 14, 2012

This week is an interesting one. I am celebrating my birthday, which is exciting, but I am also saying goodbye to the Twilight Saga, which is pretty upsetting to me, to be honest. As many of you know, Twilight is the book that inspired me to start writing and to pursue a career as an author. Without Stephenie Meyer’s enthralling stories, I’m not sure Hunted would be where it is…

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Movie Review: I Am Number Four

February 19, 2011

I know I’m supposed to discuss books and writing here on the site, but in the past I’ve moved a little off the path and talked about movies *coughEclipsecough* and since “I Am Number Four” is based on the book, I thought it would be appropriate to share my thoughts on it. It’s no secret I was excited to see this movie. (“Ecstatic” may be a better choice.)…

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The Gates: Pilot

June 21, 2010

I know this has nothing to do with books, but did anyone watch the series premiere of ABC’s new show, “The Gates”? I did and it was pretty awesome. From the commercials I knew there were going to be vampires, but they’re not the only supernatural beings in the show. I won’t say anything else, but the pilot episode was very good and I can’t wait for the…