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  1. Store'n'Go Micro USB Drive

    Reorder #:Micro USB

    • Tiny, rugged USB drive thinner than a $1 coin
    • Resistant to dust, water and static discharges
    • Available in capacities 16GB - 32GB
    • Available in standard black or a range of colours
  2. Store'n'Go Pinstripe USB2.0 Drive

    Reorder #:Store'n'Go Pinstripe USB2.0 Drive

    • Push and Pull Sliding feature
    • Lightweight, striped design
    • Colour available: Black
    • Capacities available: 8GB - 32GB
  3. Store'n'Go Micro+ USB2.0 Drive

    Reorder #:Store'n'Go Micro+ USB2.0 Drive

    • The Micro+ USB Drive is the ideal way to carry your files with you in the toughest of environments.
    • Rugged design and protective rubber cover shields the USB connector from every-day handling, water, dust and debris.
    • Available in a range of vibrant colours
    • Available in capacities from 8GB-32GB
  4. Store'n'Go USB 3.1 Type-C OTG Drive

    Reorder #:Store'n'Go USB 3.1 Type-C OTG Drive

    • A portable storage drive with both Type-A USB 3.0 and Type-C USB 3.1 interfaces
    • Compatible with Type-C interface devices such as new MacBook, Nokia N1, etc
    • Extremely compact and lightweight with premium metal housing
  5. Store'n'Go Vx400 Solid State USB Drive

    Reorder #:Vx400 SSD USB

    • Combines the extreme speed performance of an SSD with the easy to handle form factor of a slim line USB drive.
    • Small compact design weighing only 16grams (approx.)
    • Fast data transfer rates of up to 400MB/sec
    • Sleek metal housing with retractable USB connector
    • Nero backup software
    • Available in capacities: 128GB and 256GB
  6. Store'n'Go Mini USB Drive

    Reorder #:Mini USB

    • Small and lightweight. Easy to use when on-the-go
    • Removable cap protects the USB connector
    • Optional lanyard to attach the drive to a keyring or mobile phone
    • Available in a range of vibrant colours
    • Available in capacities: 16GB - 64GB
  7. Store'n'Go OTG Micro Drive

    Reorder #:OTG Micro USB

    • Expand the storage of your Android Smartphone or Tablet
    • Equipped with high speed USB 3.0 and micro USB dual interface
    • Works without Wi-Fi or mobile data
    • Store and share content between smartphones/tablets/PCs
    • Avaliable in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities
  8. Store'n'Go Slider USB Drive

    Reorder #:Slider USB

    • Transport and share files with ease on this small-format USB drive
    • Retractable sliding mechanism
    • Key ring lanyard easily attaches to your mobile phone or key ring
    • USB 2.0 interface
    • Available in capacities: 8GB - 32GB

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