Eclipse and Other Musings

June 30, 2010

Hey, I’m back! Though, I don’t think I was missed too much. 🙂 So, here’s my Eclipse-filled post, full of thoughts of the movie and other random things.

1. I was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of the movie and then the next day went to the midnight showing of it in IMAX. The movie itself is very good and, in my opinion, is the best of the films so far. The acting seemed to be better in this installment and the way they handled the newborns and Victoria is great! Being the only person that I know of to be on Team Riley, I enjoyed Xavier Samuel’s portrayal of Riley and Jodelle Ferland is a great Bree and I wanted to cry when she died. No joke. The only things I didn’t like were the new Victoria, the transitions between some scenes, and Jacob, but since I’m Team Edward, that was expected, haha. Overall, though, the movie is great and I think all the fans will love it. 🙂

2. I reached 45,000+ words in my manuscript the other night and brought it with me to the theatre yesterday to work on. I edited half of it and need to go through the first half and mark all the typos and change sentences, etc… I’m really excited to be almost officially done with the writing!

3. I never thanked everyone for getting me to over 200 followers, so THANK YOU! It means a lot that you all continue to support my blog and writing and to show my gratitude, I’m working on putting together another giveaway of sorts and I also have another song to share, if you’d like to hear it. It was inspired by Gayle Forman’s extremely beautiful novel, If I Stay.

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