FAE Blog Tour: Favorite Scenes and an Exclusive Q&A!

August 27, 2013

I am so excited to be a part of the blog tour for C.J. Abedi’s Fae, available now from Diversion Books! With a gorgeous cover and an intriguing premise, Fae is definitely high in my To-Be-Read pile. Today,  the sisters behind the “C.J. Abedi” name are here to discuss their favorite scenes from the book along with a Q&A that provides even more insight into their fantastical tale. Take a look!
On Their Favorite Scenes…
Without giving too much away for the readers who haven’t read the book yet, my favorite scene is when Devilyn and Caroline have a moment at Jordana’s party. He’s just so hot and such a man, invading her space and getting as close to her as he can without being overly aggressive. It highlights the crazy confidence he has and for me there’s nothing sexier. They are out in the backyard and you feel the attraction the two have for one another and I love the tension because it’s electric and just so innocent, which is beautiful. I know, I’m the sucker for love.
Every time Carolyn and Devilyn were together in a scene there was, in my opinion, such electricity between them. I absolutely loved writing and then reading those moments. So, I think I have to say my favorite scene is where it all began, at the beginning and at the Manteo High School bonfire. I felt like I was back in high school again. There is truly no greater feeling in the world than looking over at someone that you are attracted to and having that “moment” when your eyes lock. If there is a mutual attraction you can have such an electric surge running through your body. It’s magnetic and it’s probably one of the best feelings in the world, because it is mixed with so many different emotions.
Exclusive Interview…
Where did the idea for Fae come from?
What happened to The Lost Colony is one of those great American mysteries. You had this group of people that came here from a foreign land hoping to start a new life and then they just disappeared.  Where did they go? What happened to them? Were they killed? Did they migrate off the small island and travel out west?  No one really knows. There are theories but no definitive answers. Because their disappearance is shrouded in so many hidden elements we just ran with it. As a writer you can take so many creative liberties with this story, you can play with this world and dream up your own version of what happened to them.  
And we both have always had a great love of mysticism and magic. (Jasmine’s daughter’s name is Ella and that name means fairy in many languages, and Colet has always had a deep obsession with Ireland and the old tales of the Tuatha de Danann). So we thought what better way than merge these two worlds together in the romantic setting of Roanoke and then add a real historical element with the Lost Colony. It kind of lends itself to the perfect backdrop for an epic romance.
Can you tell us about the writing process for the book? What was the most challenging part?
The most challenging part of a being a writing team is agreeing on what makes it to paper. We went through every emotion you could possibly imagine writing this book. When you write something as a team it can be a very exciting process because you have someone you can bounce ideas off of and you also have someone there for you because writing can be a very lonely process. However, on the flip side, you also have to agree on every idea and word that is put to paper. That can be very challenging, especially when you are sisters.
In order to make things as smooth as possible, we try to be very organized during our process and start by writing a very detailed chapter-by-chapter outline. Once the outline is complete, one of us starts writing, sends the other the first chapter or few pages, the one who receives it reviews what is written, makes additions or changes, adds some more and it goes back and forth until our work is completed. So we do not physically sit in a room together, taking turns typing away. This process allows both of us to really get in the heads of all characters and leave our mark on every page.
If you had to describe the book in three to five words, how would you describe it?
Epic romance of dark vs. light. (6 words)
What can readers expect from the series as a whole?
It is definitely going to be a tumultuous ride for Devilyn and Carolyn and it’s going to be well worth all of their struggles. The one question that we will try and answer is whether Devilyn will ever be able to break through the demons and the darkness that ultimately control him because ultimately the blood of Alderon courses through his veins. And with that will Carolyn ever really be safe? Like any epic romance, we promise that you will be rooting for these characters the whole way through.  
How did the writing partnership come together?
We’ve been dreaming up ideas together since we were in our teens. We would go through books and we’d both read and talk about what we liked and disliked in the novel and how we would have changed it to reflect our sensibilities. Also, our love of books and reading was fueled by our aunt Mina.  Our mother is also extremely creative and talented, so the two worlds just came together. Eventually you wake up and say, let’s do this.
6. What are five things your readers may not know about you?
We have a five-year age difference. 
Jasmine was born in Colorado and Colet was born in Virginia, meaning we moved around a lot.
We lived abroad for a little over a year when we were growing up.
We both used to have a strange addiction to nutty butter bars.  

Colet’s a triple Pisces and Jasmine’s a Gemini.
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