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FIlm Review: Man of Steel

June 17, 2013

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With its major pre-release buzz, all-star cast, and talented creative team, Man of Steel was poised to be a hit from the get-go. Despite a weak script, overdone action, and a ridiculous villain, the film is an enjoyable, thrilling, and refreshing movie that is sure to win over the summer box office.
As the leading man, Henry Cavill presents a thoughtful, tormented, and lonely interpretation of Clark Kent. His performance resonates with a profound sense of humanity that will have viewers rooting for him from the start. His acting is solid all around and the way he handles Clark’s transition from outsider to hero is well executed. Also, Mr. Cavill is a very, very beautiful man. One question, though: When did Clark have time to shave between meeting his birth father and getting in the suit?
Amy Adams as Lois Lane is feisty, confident, and charming in all the right ways and her portrayal is rewarding to watch. Instead of taking a back seat in the action scenes, the filmmakers bring her character to the front lines and present her in a modern and successful light.
While the leads handle their roles wonderfully, other key elements of the film fail to succeed. Michael Shannon as General Zod is almost laughable due to overacting, which results in a tiresome and overdramatic villain with little believability. This could be a result of the weak script, which is seemingly riddled with inconsistencies and plot holes. Additionally, the editing is choppy, especially in the first half of the film where viewers are treated to haphazard flashbacks of Clark’s childhood. The action is never-ending, which, in this case, is damaging rather than beneficial. Last, but not least, Hans Zimmer’s score is sweepingly epic and carries the film with strength and precision.
Despite the film’s major flaws, Man of Steel still manages to soar to a solid ending and leaves the story open enough for the proposed sequel while providing some closure. Henry Cavill and Amy Adams should be proud of their performances and are sure to bring even more to the table in the next film.
Also, Mr. Cavill is a very, very beautiful man.
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    June 17, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    The Man of Steel stunk. All action and no human element. Guess its time to retire the Superman character. Honor and heroism aren’t realistic in today’s world, unfortunately.

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