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Review: Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

September 1, 2010

First of all, it’s hard to ignore the beauty of Halo’s cover. It’s amazing and will no doubt draw readers in first. Then, like me, they’ll read the synopsis and immediately want to sit down and devour the story. 🙂 There’s been a lot of buzz about Alexandra Adornetto’s Halo and it’s all been comprised of positive reactions. I was jealous of all the people who received ARCs of Halo at the Book Expo, but my jealousy was killed when one was sent to Schuler Books.

Alexandra Adornetto’s writing can only be described in one word: beautiful. She makes all the characters, big and small, come alive and every one of them wedged their way into my mind and heart. Ms. Adornetto’s descriptions are a bit flowery, but not in a bad way. Her descriptions are spot on and convey everything I imagine she wanted. The dialogue is fluid and believable, and further solidifies the characters.

As a narrator, Beth is a delightful character. She is so bright-eyed and, of course, good-natured. Although she’s an angel and needs nothing from the human world, her curiosity about and eagerness to immerse herself in human life is charming and a wonderful trait. Her relationship with her brother and sister, Gabriel and Ivy, is enjoyable and family dynamics add another dimension to the story.

Xavier is also a great character and makes for a strong, dependable, and loveable male lead. His love for Beth is fierce and the two of them are a perfect example of what love should be. Their relationship is what I love most about the novel and Ms. Adornetto has created a couple that puts others to shame.

Another aspect of the novel that I love is how much of an impact all the good deeds that Beth, Gabriel and Ivy do have on the town. I found their positive influence inspiring and I hope other readers feel the same way after reading the novel.

The angel mythology in Halo is less supernatural and more religious than in other angel novels. I’m not an overly religious person, but I didn’t mind the religious aspects of the novel. If you’re worried about the novel being preachy, have no fear because it’s not and the religious aspects are broad and accessible.

So, if you couldn’t tell already, I love Halo! I didn’t want it to end and I can’t wait for the next installment! Alexandra Adornetto has written a fantastically beautiful story with characters readers will fall in love with and a plot that will keep them turning the pages. If you see Halo on the shelves, whether in a bookstore or library, do not hesitate to pick it up! Halo is one of those books whose beauty can only be experienced by reading it.

For more information on Alexandra Adornetto and her writing, please visit:

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    September 1, 2010 at 4:05 am

    Interesting… I didn’t think it would be religious, but it actually makes a lot of sense for it to be… The cover is too pretty… I would be so turned off by the religion if the cover was ugly, but I still have to read this.

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    Alexander Bennett (Tales of a Teenage Book Lover)
    September 1, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    I can’t wait to read this!

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    September 1, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    I’ve been thinking about getting this but the religious aspects put me off. I may just pick it up after all from your review!

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