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Hunted Needs Some Love

April 25, 2012
Hey, everyone! Just wanted to update you all with the current methods of purchasing a copy of my book, Hunted. 🙂 The coolest part? There’s now an option for buying a signed copy! Whoohoo! Who doesn’t love signed books?
  • Schuler Books (Paperback)
    • For an autographed copy, you can order Hunted through Schuler Books’ website. When you are checking out, there is a box for “Order Comments” and all you have to do is type something like “Autographed copy, please. Make it out to __(name)___”. Easy, right? 🙂
  • Amazon (Paperback, e-book)
    • Hunted will be part of the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program until the end of June, making the e-book unavailable during this time anywhere else. 

As always, thank you all for your continuous support!

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