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Review: Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

July 14, 2010
Sherrilyn Kenyon is an author I’ve heard of, but I have never read her books. When Infinity was announced, I thought it sounded interesting and added it to my list of books I wanted to read. When it came out, I passed it on the shelves, but when I stopped one day and took a look at the synopsis and the cover, I couldn’t help but buy it.

Infinity is different than the books I normally read. For one thing, the main character is a young man. Despite being a guy myself, a vast majority of the books I read are narrated or focused on a teenage girl. I was a little weary about the story focusing on Nick, but I really enjoyed his character. His sarcasm is great and I couldn’t help but laugh at the things he says. Ms. Kenyon certainly knows how to write funny comments. I love his devotion towards his mother and I’m glad Ms. Kenyon included a strong mother-son relationship. Many YA novels nowadays ignore the parents.

The plot was also surprising. This is the first novel I’ve read about zombies, so I didn’t know what to expect. What I found, however, was an engaging plot with multiple storylines. Having never read Ms. Kenyon’s other novels, I found the world of Dark-Hunters new and exciting. Since the story is told in the third person, the focus shifts between a few characters. Overall, this was fine for me because I was never bored. However, the shifting focus started to get distracting towards the end, resulting in a slower pace.

The writing is really good, too. In my opinion, Infinity isn’t a story that requires a lot of descriptions, so I found the descriptions to be short. Not bad, just short. Ms. Kenyon seems to have the amazing ability to create fully developed and likeable characters, ones that jump off the pages. So, I often felt the story would have benefited from being told from Nick’s point of view.

In the end, I really enjoyed Infinity! I kind of want to read Sherrilyn Kenyon’s other novels now! I’m curious to see how the series unfolds and I’m eagerly waiting for another installment. I know a lot of people haven’t enjoyed Infinity because they love the grown-up Nick, but I would suggest trying this novel out and giving it a chance! For more information on Sherrilyn Kenyon and her books, you can visit her OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

(cover image taken from Barnes and Nobles’ website)

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    Kelley Vitollo
    July 15, 2010 at 3:14 am

    I absolutely love the Dark Hunter books. I love Nick too. I HAD to have Infinity because it was him. I was a little surprised with the zombies, but I love knowing his past to help me understand why things unfold the way they do in the future. I also loved the glimpses of some of my much loved Dark Hunter characters. Ash and Kryian happen to be two of my favorites.

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    July 17, 2010 at 2:14 am

    I tried to get my husband interested in this one (he enjoys books with male main characters) but he wasn’t exactly sold since I hadn’t read the book myself and wasn’t sure how others felt about it. Now I can tell him that it’s supposed to be good!

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