Interview: Keary Taylor

July 19, 2011

Hi! I’m so excited to share this interview with you all :-). I had the extreme honor of interviewing Keary Taylor for her recent release, Eden! If you’d like to check out my reviews of her books, click HERE, HERE, or HERE. Enjoy the interview!

What is your earliest writing memory?

I was in fourth grade and we were assigned to write a one page story based on slavery (which we were studying at the time). I went way over the top and wrote a five page story based on a slave named Rosie who escaped and became the next Harriet Tubman. I was quite proud of myself 😉

Where did the idea for Eden come from?

Well, I feel slightly geeky answering this, lol. I was watching Star Wars III and there was this shot of Anakin with his new robotic hand and I just had this thought “Wouldn’t that be cool if he’d been able to grow his own robotic hand?”. I think I just have a really overactive imagination because Eden just kept evolving really fast after that!

Readers are introduced to a variety of characters in the novel. Was it hard to juggle so many characters? Who was your favorite to write?

I thought it would be more difficult for me to juggle so many, because in my Fall of Angels series, I deal with only a small handful of characters. But it actually wasn’t too difficult, everyone felt so distinct to me. I think I have to say my favorite was Eve. She was a blast to create, being all tough and bad a$$!

Do you think our own society is capable of creating cybernetic organisms?

The scary thing is that we aren’t too far from the technology that I created in Eden. You think about the leaps we make every year in prosthetics and pacemakers, and everything else, we are already in a very advance place with medical technology. Do I think everything will get out of control like it did in Eden? No. At least I really, really hope not!

There’s a fair amount of action and romance in the story. Which was your favorite to write?

I’d have to say it’s about equal. I am the biggest sucker for romance but the action was something that I really started to enjoy. I loved creating explosions, playing with firearms, jumping off of buildings… lol.

What is it about the dystopian genre that readers find so appealing?

I think people love the possibility of the future. Anything could happen. When someone makes a story that is believable and can scare us and make us wonder “could this really happen?” we can’t resist! And dystopian’s tend to tackle difficult issues and are issues in our own daily lives like love, freedom, our rights. Even if we don’t live in a twisted world, we can still relate.

What was the name of your first full manuscript?

Haha! It was called Jason and Kim: Faith’s Journey. It was an epic Harry Potter spin off that I wrote at the age of 14 with my best friend Kim (yes, I named the MC after her, lol). Yeah, I was a huge Potter fan, still am. The story ended up being about 250 pages long I think!

What are three to five things your readers may not know about you?

1) I have four younger sisters. No brothers. There was a lot of pink in our house. Maybe that’s why I’m such a die-hard romantic. Too much estrogen in my house growing up!
2) I love Ketchup. Ever since I was a little kid, I put it on everything. One of my aunts even made me this pillow case that said “Keary the Ketchup lover!”
3) My husband and I own a golf course on the island we live on. He works a lot of hours in the summer (80+ hours a week, no joke). Owning a golf course isn’t as glamorous as it sounds…
4) Someday I want to write a vampire novel, just to rile my husband! I love vampires and someday I’ll jump on the bandwagon when the muse hits me!
5) My right eye is two different colors. The right side is brown and the left side is gray/blue, like my other eye. I guess there was a horror movie that said that meant you had absorbed your twin the womb, I was really creped out after I heard that… lol! My mom assures me there was no twin.


I would like to thank Keary for taking the time to answer my questions and for writing such engaging, romantic, and action-packed stories! You can purchase her books through:

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For more information on Keary, her writing, and her design work, please visit:

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    July 19, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    i loved Eden! I also loved this post! Must read her other books now!!

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    July 21, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    I like your blog! 🙂

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    Casey (The Bookish Type)
    July 23, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    I just got this book a couple weeks ago and am really excited to read it! I think the best dystopians are ones that seem like the not-too-distant future — like Keary said, our technological advances are getting kind of scary. Great interview!

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