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My Launch Signing

August 22, 2011

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who came out to see me at my first book signing. A bunch of my blogger/twitter friends came to see me, so it was awesome to have them there in the crowd, which is where I normally am. πŸ™‚ A bunch of other friends and family came, too, plus people I didn’t even know! Awesome, right? I was told there were about 150 people at the store. It was standing room only and Schuler ran out of books. Then again, they only had 60 to begin with, lol.

I introduced myself, spoke a little, and then took questions followed by the actual signing portion. I gave away two Hunted tote bags. People asked some pretty good questions and I was told by a lot of people later that they loved how I gave lengthy answers. Go me! I was glad to know I was doing something right, haha. I was so nervous, but I think I only stumbled once or twice over my words. And I made people laugh, so that was good since I was afraid I wouldn’t be funny. πŸ™‚

Oh, and Erika from Moonlight Book Reviews had “I Love Alex” painted on her nails. Pure. Epicness. Right. There.

Pictures are on their way! I just need to find the USB cable…

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