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Review: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

August 30, 2010
There has been a ton of hype surrounding Kiersten White’s debut, Paranormalcy, and my excitement for the novel contributed to that. When I found an ARC of the novel, I was ecstatic, but since it wasn’t due out until October, I set it aside in order to read other books with closer release dates. And then the release date was pushed up, much to readers’ excitement, and I cleared my reading schedule quickly so I could read it and guess what?

I. Loved. It. Paranormalcy is one of those I-want-to-buy-the-finished-version kind of novels and I am so glad it is now being released on August 31st. Yay!

Evie is a wonderful narrator and her voice is hilarious, personal, and very believable. I love her character and wish I had a friend like her. Having grown up with no real parents, Evie’s pretty independent, but she craves for some company. She’s not completely alone, however. I love her relationship with Lisha, a mermaid, and even though they’re different species, their friendship is real, honest, and believable.

When Evie befriends Lend, a mysterious, and very charming paranormal, she finds not only another friend, but a boy she feels a connection with. Lend has his secrets, but he cares about Evie and it’s evident he feels the same connection. I loved “watching” their relationship grow and I can’t wait to see where they end up in the sequels.

I also really enjoyed seeing how the International Paranormal Containment Agency operated and how it shaped Evie and her life. The IPCA provides Evie with a home and job, but the only knowlege of a normal life she has is from watching a Gossip Girl-like show, Easton Heights. Kiersten White depicted Evie’s fascination with things like school, lockers, and dating as endearing and I found myself just as excited about these things as Evie. Lockers! Yay!

Kiersten White deserves a huge applause and standing ovation for writing such an engaging and magical story with lovable characters and a unique blend of paranormal creatures. Ms. White’s writing is fluid, descriptive, humorous, and suspenseful. Each page left me wanting more and I could not put Paranormalcy down until I finished reading!

Paranormalcy is an incredible debut and I cannot wait to for the sequels! Kiersten White’s writing, world, and characters captured my heart and mind from the first page and I wanted to cry when I reached the last page. Kiersten White’s debut will leave readers awestruck and desperately craving for more! The good news? Readers won’t have to wait long thanks to the new release date!

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One more thing… Bleep! (This will make sense once you read the novel) πŸ™‚

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