Release Day Blitz: THE DARK KING by CJ Abedi – Excerpt and Giveaway!

May 6, 2014
Today marks the release if CJ Abedi’s The Dark King, the highly anticipated sequel to last year’s breakout novel, Fae. And to help celebrate, I have an exclusive excerpt from the book as well as one ePub copy to giveaway! Take a look:

“According to the ancient laws of this universe, created long before the Fae existed, I am your true King. The Fates willed this day thousands of years ago in the vast belly of eternity. They ordained that this crown would be mine. All of you will swear your individual loyalty to me, and I will look into your eyes and know if you lie. I will see your truth, feel your allegiance, and recognize if your heart stays the course of what has been Fated to be.”

My voice was strong. “I will know if there is any betrayal, even if it is a silent one.”

My place could not be questioned. Even though I stood alone, I would know everything.

“It is time to prove your loyalty.”

I sat down on the great crystal throne and watched as each of my subjects prepared to move forward and face me. Each of them would take part in this ancient ritual, kneeling before me with their palms up so that I could move my black light over theirs and feel the truth.

Katya was the first, and from the smile on her face, I knew she was hoping to gain my trust and undying love.

“You are my one true King,” she said solemnly as she put her palms up, allowing me a glimpse. I leaned over and moved my energy over hers. I could feel the longing she had for me, the desire. It was all there for me to take, if I wanted, but I backed away from it quickly.

“Did you see it all, my King?” She was breathless.

“I did.”

“Then you now know what is in my heart and what I want above all else in this world.”

She wanted me.

She wanted to be my mate, my wife, and rule beside me faithfully. But I had other plans.

My throne had only one seat.

In time, she would learn her rightful place, but now was not the moment for hard truths.

“Thank you, Katya,” I replied politely, careful not to give her false hope.

Her head dropped for a moment, and then she looked up and met my gaze. She did not move, even though there were thousands of others that had yet to kneel.

“Is there a possibility, Devilyn,” she said softly, using my name for the first time, “that maybe in time this feeling I have for you might at least be returned?”

I was shocked that she would ask me such a question. That she would be so bold. And it made me pity her even more. But because I had yet to learn how to navigate my way through this den of wolves, I could not insult her. I pulled my hands back and forced a small smile.

“We have nothing but time.”

She beamed with pleasure and stood up quickly. She was practically gloating as she walked away. I clenched my jaw as I thought of the lies that I would have to continue to tell.

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