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Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

February 5, 2013

For those of you who don’t know, Scarlet is the companion novel/sequel to Marissa Meyer’s debut Cinder. I thoroughly enjoyed Cinder, but when I found out the Scarlet would be a take on “Little Red Riding Hood”, I was ecstatic to read it. As a huge fan of “Little Red Riding Hood”, I was anxious to see how Ms. Meyer would interpret the tale and I am pleased to say that Scarlet is astounding.

With Cinder, Ms. Meyer introduced readers to a futuristic world and society that both enthralled as well as kind of terrified me. In Scarlet, we’re given a slightly different look inside this world and this time around, the main setting is France. The setting is described wonderfully and I think the world the author has built is not only fascinating, but it’s one of the strongest aspects of the series.

The story is told through alternating perspectives–both third person–and the focus is split between Cinder and Scarlet. Scarlet is just as feisty and strong-headed as Cinder, but they have enough differences to make them both unique. While Cinder seems to possess a sort of desperation in her journey to be free, Scarlet is pure fire and passion. I really liked Scarlet’s attitude and her hot-headedness.

The character I absolutely fell in love with, though, is Wolf. He’s kind of awkward, strong, and full of secrets. His troubled nature gives him an endearing and heart aching demeanor that I think many readers will latch onto. He’s sensitive, yet has enough rough edges to add a little dose of bad boy to him–and who doesn’t love a good bad boy?

All in all, Scarlet is a brilliant story with dramatic twists and turns that will keep readers hooked and wanting more. Ms. Meyer has taken the “Little Red Riding Hood” tale and masterfully crafted a thrilling plot, magnetic characters, and has shed new light on the futuristic world she has so thoughtfully constructed. Scarlet stands on its own amongst a sea of fairy tale retellings and readers won’t be able to put it down until they reach the end. They’ll probably just start over again when they do.

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    February 24, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    Holy crap. I totally had a different concept of ‘Scarlet’ in my mind. I’m eager to meet Scarlet! Especially, Wolf. 😉 Love the way you describe the characters. Thanks for the review, DJ!

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