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Review: THE QUEEN’S CHOICE by Cayla Kluver

January 30, 2014
The Queen’s Choiceis a rich and imaginative first entry in Cayla Kluver’s new Heirs of Chrior trilogy. Kluver writes with such detail and precision, and successfully manages to bring her world of faeries and humans to life. The political elements of the story are interesting and poignant, and they never feel too heavy or distracting. While the plot meanders and unfolds at a slow pace, the story still manages to engage and delight.
Anya makes a great main character and narrator. There’s a sort of wisdom in her voice that gives her a maturity not often seen in young adult protagonists. As an heir to the faerie throne, Anya has to have a wide perspective on both the faerie world andthe human world, and her tolerance towards humans is admirable. And even when faced with devastation, she still holds onto her beliefs.
Speaking of the faerie and human worlds, Kluver handles the interspecies conflict superbly and draws some wonderfully relevant parallels to our own conflicts in today’s society. As I mentioned earlier, the political aspects of the story help rather than hinder the book and add an extra dose of intrigue.Overall, The Queen’s Choice is a solid first installment that ends on a deliciously evil cliffhanger. And although the plot moves a bit too slow in the first half, readers will remain hooked and eager to see how Anya’s story grows, especially when the pace picks up in the second half. I also hope to see more of Tom Matlock in the future installments. His brief appearances were enough to make me Team Tom! Full of adventure, action, and creativity, The Queen’s Choice is a must-read!

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