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Review: White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

February 25, 2014

White Hot Kiss is a sleek and deliciously sexy read that offers a refreshing mythology and plenty of non-stop action. With her signature style, Jennifer L. Armentrout continues to display her incredible talent for creating memorable characters, building extravagant worlds, and getting readers addicted by the end of page one.

The book’s protagonist, Layla, is a witty, conflicted, and down to earth kind of girl who readers will quickly identify with and root for. Her struggle to reconcile her divided nature is presented well and helps reveal her strengths and flaws. Everything from her dialogue to her mannerisms is believable and this shows just how well Armentrout can capture the teen voice.

The supporting characters—including the story’s two heroes—all play important parts and nobody feels like a waste of space. Layla’s friends, Sam and Stacey, are quirky and hilarious, and I appreciate that Armentrout maintains their friendship throughout the story.

While Layla has two leading men, Zayne and Roth, Armentrout never steers Layla’s relationships with them into the land of the love triangle—much to my relief. Instead, Layla operates rather independently from either guy, and both take on more of a supporting role rather than a domineering one. Either way, Zayne and Roth provide plenty of swoon-worthy moments and are sure to leave readers hot and bothered. My heart, however, belongs to Roth.

As I mentioned before, the gargoyle and demon mythology is refreshing and delightfully unique. I love that the humans know about the gargoyles—known as Wardens—and that there are underlying themes of discrimination and fear of the unknown.

Overall, White Hot Kiss is yet another fine example of Armentrout’s unrivaled talent for storytelling. With an engrossing plot that never falters and a fascinating take on gargoyles, this is the kind of book readers will devour in a matter of hours. And when they finish the last page, they’ll be desperate for more!

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