Saturday’s Tales: The Fairest and the Huntswoman

December 16, 2017

Once upon a time, an evil queen thirsted for eternal youth. In order to stay young and beautiful forever, she required the heart of the Fairest, a girl whose eyes were as black as night, whose hair was as white as snow, and whose lips were as red as blood. But this girl lived in the dark and twisted forest, a cursed place the evil queen could not enter.

So the evil queen enlisted the help of a huntswoman, a former knight who had a history of successfully navigating the twisted forest. With the promise of enough gold to last a thousand lifetimes, the huntswoman accepted and set out to claim the heart of the Fairest.

But when the huntswoman found the girl, she found she could not follow through with the evil queen’s demands. For when the huntswoman looked into the Fairest’s eyes, she saw starlight and wisps of dreams.

Despite knowing the huntswoman’s plans, the Fairest welcomed her hunter into her humble home to share a meal, for surely the huntswoman was tired from her arduous journey through the forest.

And so, once upon a time, a new story began.

© DJ DeSmyter. Do not use without permission.

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