Things That Go Bump in the Night Blog Tour: Q&A with Kat Kruger!

April 22, 2014
To celebrate the release of The Night Has Claws, the second installment in the thrilling Magdeburg Trilogy, author Kat Kruger is setting out on a two week blog tour! Yesterday, I shared my review of the new book (hint: I loved it!) and today I have an exclusive Q and A with Kat. Take a look:
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Before launching into the writing process for The Night Has Claws, were there any specific aspects you wanted to heighten or expand upon that you didn’t get to in the first book?
The Night Has Teeth really just touched on the surface of the werewolf world that I built so when I approached writing The Night Has Claws it was definitely my intention to expand on a lot. In particular, I wanted to clearly identify the Hounds of God and their role in the governance of all werewolf-kind. It’s a very political society and the balance of power begins to shift in this second book, leading to a significant event at the end that alters the future of the born werewolves. I also wanted to delve a bit deeper into the relationships established in the first book as well as the science that makes Connor’s DNA so unique among his kind.
Connor’s life has definitely been turned upside down. How would you describe his current state of mind?
I like to think in terms of music when it comes to my characters. In the first book, he started with “Put Me Back Together” by Weezer. Connor’s this geeky gamer who’s never quite fit in until he lands a scholarship in Paris where things start to fall into place for him. It’s only by the end of that book does he come to terms with his inner demons. When the story picks back up in The Night Has Claws, Connor gets more and more comfortable with the wolf within but also starts to ask more questions and stand up for himself (as well as those he’s become quite close to). Things are totally turned upside down for him in the end of this book though and “So Far From Your Weapon” by The Dead Weather represents his current state of mind. At this point he needs to fight for his pack to survive yet, being so new to this world, he has no idea how to accomplish such a huge feat.
What made you decide to have Madison narrate part the story? What do you hope readers gain from getting inside her head and seeing the events through her eyes?
Part of it was actually reader feedback such as from your blog. I think people fall into two camps when it comes to Madison: love or love-to-hate. To me she’s the most complicated character in the series because of the trauma she’s gone through. Her abrasive personality exists to shield her very vulnerable self from being hurt again. Introducing her voice in the second book meant allowing readers to gain a bit more insight into her motivations. She also sees some of what goes on behind-the-scenes with the Hounds which I felt was crucial to the development of the plot.
How would you describe Connor and Madison’s relationship in three to five words? What about Connor and Arden’s?
Connor & Madison: Honest, chaotic, star-crossed suckage.
Connor & Arden: Symbiotic, brotherly exasperation.
What can you tell us about the third and final book in the series?
There’s a motorcycle chase, arms dealers, guerilla warfare in an abandoned Parisian suburb, and more (oh my!). In The Night Is Found, Connor returns to NYC with Amara in search of the American packs and their help overseas. Meanwhile, Madison and Arden remain in Europe and get wrapped up in the war that’s brewing there. The stakes are higher and everything kind of ramps up to what I feel is a pretty epic finale.
The Night Has Claws is now available in-stores and online, so purchase your copy today if you haven’t already! To learn more about the book and the entire Magdeburg Trilogy, visit Kat’s website here.

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