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Review: Torment by Lauren Kate

September 28, 2010

Lauren Kate’s Fallen is one of my favorite books and she is one of my favorite authors. Fallen was one of the first angel books I read and ever since, I couldn’t get enough of Daniel and Luce. Luckily, I managed to receive an ARC of the sequel, Torment, which I had been impatiently waiting to read. 🙂

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As with Fallen, Ms. Kate’s writing in Torment is fluid, descriptive, and all around great. Her attention to detail is amazing and I could easily picture every scene, location, and character in my mind. The dialogue is never awkward and the pacing is great, too. Each page left me wanting more and I managed to read the entire novel in about 9 hours.

I will admit that I was a little worried about reading Torment only because Luce and Daniel’s budding relationship in Fallen is the heart of the story and I didn’t know what would happen now that they found each other. To put me in my place and make me feel stupid for doubting Torment, Luce and Daniel’s relationship is even more believable and heart wrenching than in Fallen. This is mostly due to the fact that Daniel’s flaws begin to reveal themselves and Luce begins to question everything she knows—and doesn’t know.

Besides Luce and Daniel’s relationship, I love Ms. Kate’s ability to create wonderful characters that all play a part in the story. New characters are introduced and I love them just as much as those in Fallen. I especially like Shelby, Luce’s roommate at Shoreline, the new school Luce is enrolled in. At first, Shelby comes across as rude and stuck-up, but by the end, I couldn’t help loving her character.

The angel mythology is explored a bit more in the novel and I thoroughly enjoyed how Ms. Kate wove the angel history into the story without making it boring. The mythology helps make the plot engaging and I cannot wait to see how everything all pans out and comes together in the future installments.

So, despite my worries prior to reading Torment, I can now say that I love it and can’t wait to read it again. Luce and Daniel’s love is still beautiful, if not complicated, but everyone loves a beautiful disaster, right? The new characters are well-developed and likeable and the angel mythology continues to grow stronger and more important to the story as a whole. Lauren Kate has once again written a heartbreaking and beautiful story. I cannot wait for the next book in the series, which is due out next summer.

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