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When People Ask Me What HUNTED Is About/What I’m Working On

October 17, 2013

The following statements pretty much sum up any interaction where someone asks me what my book Hunted is about and/or what I’m currently working on:

Example One:

People: DJ, what’s your book Hunted about?
Me: Kissing. And werewolves. But mostly kissing.*

*It’s also about family, loneliness, music, and secrets!

Example Two:

People: What’s your next book going to be about?
Me: Kissing.
People: No, what is it going to be about? You know, like the plot. What’s the plot?
Me: Oh. Well…Kissing.
People: So your characters are just going to make out the whole time?
Me: Pretty much.


I was going to write something witty about characters making out all the time to accompany this awesome gif of Emma Stone, but then I realized it doesn’t need a caption because it’s awesome in its own right.

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